SURATEP's Health Department is responsible for providing healthcare and medical attention to the injured worker, backed up by its Affiliation, Administrative Logistics, Projects and Quality Management sections.

SURATEP's philosophy with regard to healthcare and medical attention, in general terms, is that of the primary prevention philosophy used in the field of occupational health, and therefore considers the injured worker as a person exposed to new risks, which must be prevented by the service model provided to the injured worker thereby avoiding further complications and more serious aftereffects resulting from inadequate medical attention. Based on the well-identified weaknesses of the general hospital/healthcare system with regard to accessibility, opportune attention, technical quality, efficiency and effectiveness, a healthcare model has been built up, guaranteeing the worker/employee comprehensive medical attention, with a minimum amount of aftereffects, and being able to go back to his or her job as soon as possible. This model requires the services of a multi-disciplinary team of people, as well as follow-up and auditing initiatives along the entire service chain.

With regard to attending an emergency event, SURATEP has made sure that each of its affiliated companies is trained to take opportune action and implement a series of strategies so that the injured worker may go back to his or her job as soon as possible.

Lifeline emergency number

Manned by a team specialized in dealing with occupational emergencies, who from a 24-hour telephone exchange attending the entire country. This emergency line is responsible for dealing with, channeling and authorizing medical attention for all our users.

Healthcare/Medical Service Network

This is composed of hospitals and medical institutions specialized in dealing with occupational injuries in accordance with the criteria governing the seriousness of the injury, location, accessibility and quality of service provided. This network employs medical staff who are sufficiently knowledgeable in the cause of risks and the legal framework governing occupational health and safety matters, and who share one common philosophy: the importance of providing comprehensive healthcare/medical attention for the patient's complete recovery.

One of the characteristics of this network is that it covers all kinds of specialized branches of medicine such as plastic surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, brain surgery and others which according to the historical incidence rate are basic fields of medicine for handling occupational accidents and illnesses.

Worker Centers

These are a key element of SURATEP's service network, since these are SURATEP's own healthcare/medical facilities, equipped with the latest technology and a team of medical staff specialized in dealing with occupational accidents, who uphold the Company's philosophy and high quality standards and guaranteeing comprehensive medical attention for the injury sustained. These centers, located in the Antioquia and Bogota regional offices focus their attention on the highest number of affiliated workers suffering occupational accidents, thereby allowing a greater control over the medical attention given.

Administrative Doctor

A specialized doctor who provides all the support required for attending the injured worker. The Administrative Doctor, acts as the worker's representative, guaranteeing that he or she receives the best possible medical attention, continuously informing the Company of the state of the patient and clearing up any queries that arise, both on the part of the patient, his/her family or the Company itself.
Own Fleet of Ambulances

This ambulance service complements the medical attention given to the injured worker transporting the individual to the hospital where medical attention is to be given in the best possible conditions, with the latest technological equipment and a team of paramedics highly specialized in attending emergencies.

Back To Work Program

This is a model, interdisciplinary in nature, for all workers sustaining an occupational accident, the purpose of which is for the worker to go back to work as soon as possible and in the best possible working conditions, avoiding lengthy sick leave that affects the individual personally, socially and work-wise. This model is comprised of clinical follow-ups, occupational evaluations of the individual's job together with comprehensive rehabilitation therapy.


This is SURATEP's own Worker Rehabilitation Center. Located at its regional office in Antioquia, it offers the worker comprehensive rehabilitation therapy both physical and psychological and monitors the individual's interaction with his family as well as social and working environment. Some of the main activities carried out are functional rehabilitation, diagnosis and physical therapy treatment as well as psychological treatment and advisory services  

Additional Healthcare/Medical Services

Medical Attention at Home: When the best way for the patient to recover is in his/her own home, SURATEP offers home hospitalization services, as well as medical and paramedical follow-ups with periodic visits and rehabilitation therapy at the patient's home.

Telephonic Follow-ups and Information: SURATEP offers this service so as to be able to provide the patient's family and company with precise and opportune information concerning his/her state of health.

Accomodation: When the patient cannot be treated at home and has to travel distances to receive the required medical attention, SURATEP, without any additional cost, pays for the worker's accommodation and meals as well as for the person accompanying the worker, this to avoid unnecessary risks for the worker in traveling substantial distances.

Specialized Attention for Occupational Accidents: SURATEP's Medical Service Network is backed up a highly-qualified team of experts and the latest technology for treating occupational injuries/illnesses.

Coverage Abroad: This plan guarantees the affiliated worker/employee complete medical coverage and attention abroad as a result of an occupational injury or illness. To this effect, SURATEP has signed an agreement with the ASSIST-CARD traveler medical attention organization. In order to receive this service it is an indispensable requisite to notify SURATEP, at least three days in advance, so as to duly register the employees who are travelling with this organization.