¿Who are we?

ARL SURA CONSULTING is part of Compañía Suramericana Administradora de Riesgos Profesionales SURATEP S.A., a subsidiary of Inversura and part of the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño, composed of over 100 companies. ARL SURA is a workers' compensation corporation whose main goal is to protect Colombian workers by preventing accidents and exposure to illnesses in the workplace and by providing timely medical attention and opportune economical benefit payments.

¿Which is our function?

ARL SURA CONSULTING utilizes and makes the most of the up to date technological tools and expertise developed for the commercial, technological and operational parts of the SURATEP S.A. risk administration business with corporate clients. The principal objective is to transfer this know how to corporations at a global level, implementing the advances acquired by technological consolidation.

Products Division

This division was created to commercialize the products and/or models developed by ARL SURA to reduce accident rates, an effect which works in tandem with risk prevention strategies. Furthermore, this division integrates products for operational support with the aim of increasing productivity and effectiveness once the risk prevention strategies has been applied.

Advising Division

This division is dedicated to offering two distinct types of evaluation and consulting. First, specialized consultants focus on generating strategies to decrease accident rates and improving the productivity and effectiveness of health care attention. Second, generalized consultants carry out complete assessments to implement and improve strategies to companies related to workers' compensation.

Software Division

Responsible for the commercializing of ARL SURA's operating software, which is an outstanding tool for managing every aspect of professional risk administration. Its modular design allows the user to access data and information in a wide variety of different manners and styles.